Class Action Litigation

A class action lawsuit is one of the most powerful legal tools available to consumers under our legal system. When corporations cause a relatively small amount of harm to a large group of people, pursuing a lawsuit individually would be futile given that the costs associated with litigation would severely outweigh a single individual's claim amount. However, a class action suit can be carried forth by one individual plaintiff representing the rights of a large number of similarly situated consumers-the class-which overcomes the problem presented by incurring high litigation costs in pursuit of a small damage amount.

At MHCI, we have successfully handled many class action lawsuits on behalf of businesses and individuals in the Southeast and throughout the country. Our team of experienced legal advocates can provide relief to people who have experienced hardships due to the actions of corporations. We handle a wide range of class actions, including:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Construction Defects

We offer every client personal, attentive service and a dedication to results. We recognize that, in a class action, we are the link between many wronged individuals and the legal protections they are entitled to. We take that responsibility very seriously and vigorously defend the rights of our clients.

If you need legal assistance with a class action lawsuit, we can help. Please contact us today online of by phone at 866-974-8145 to speak with a member of our experienced class action team.