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Broker Fraud

Broker Fraud Lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama

Stock brokers and investment advisors are legally obligated to adhere to fair trading practices set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). At McCallum Hoaglund & Irby, LLP, our knowledge of these federal statutes allows us to identify liability in brokerage fraud disputes, and seek stock market loss recovery on behalf of our clients.

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What Constitutes Broker Fraud?

At McCallum Hoaglund & Irby, LLP we provide exceptional securities litigation representation to people who have been misled or taken advantage of by stock brokers and investment firms. Broker fraud comes in many forms. We protect investors from a wide range of fraudulent broker activities, including:

  • Unsuitability: Brokers may only recommend investments that are “suitable” for the investor. For instance, making risky trades on the account of a retiree who is dependent upon steady growth would unsuitable.
  • Unauthorized trading: Brokers may not take action on an investor’s behalf without express authorization.
  • Churning: Brokers may not make excessive transactions on a client’s account for the purpose of generating transaction fees.
  • False statements and omissions: Brokers must be truthful in the advice they give their clients.
  • Over concentration: Putting too much money into one investment vehicle without client authorization constitutes broker fraud.

Our lawyers are dedicated consumer rights advocates and are equipped to stand up for your rights in the arbitration process in which broker disputes are typically handled. We understand that many of our clients are relying on their investments to sustain them through retirement. We will fight tirelessly to hold fraudulent brokers to account.

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