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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Attorneys in Birmingham

When you are faced with an injury or illness that compromises your ability to work, turn to McCallum Hoaglund & Irby, LLP, for help with the Social Security Disability (SSD) process. We can help you with every level of the application process, from the initial paperwork to all appeals that may be necessary.

Like many bureaucratic agencies, the Social Security Administration is so overloaded with processing applications and appeals that this has become a slow, cumbersome process. In many cases, people are denied after submitting their initial application, but that does not mean you should lose hope. This is typical.

At the Alabama law firm of McCallum Hoaglund & Irby, LLP, we encourage people to contact us before they even attempt the process so that we can help you put together a comprehensive application package that clearly outlines:

  • How you have become disabled
  • How your disability qualifies as a “listing”
  • Documents how severe your condition is
  • How you are unable to continue in your previous job or any other kind of work that qualifies as substantial gainful activity

Our Social Security Disability lawyers in Birmingham are here to help you navigate the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process, including every level of a denied SSD appeal. We have experience petitioning for reconsiderations and representing clients at the administrative hearing level through the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). We are familiar with appealing to the appeals council if these steps are unsuccessful and even pursuing your case as a civil action in United States Federal Court if that is warranted.

An Experienced SSDI Lawyer in Alabama Can Be the Difference

Our attorneys understand disability law and we have the perseverance to keep pursuing your claim because we know having an attorney who understands the system can actually make a difference. We also do not collect any fees unless we win your Social Security Disability claim; and the amount of fees we collect is regulated by law.

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